The linux page

I might want to do special blogs on Linux so I thought I would do a special page for them.  I have only just noticed that I can do this so here goes.

At the moment I am running an old tower machine and a laptop.  The laptop runs linuxmint 3.  The tower has 500mb Ram and an AMD 3400 processor.  There are, at present, three operating systems on the machine.  I have the old windows XP Pro, a copy of Linux Mint 4 (Daryna) and the new LinuxMint 5 (Elyssa) which is an ubuntu hardy version.

I only rarely use windows now, I used to use it to access my phone pictures and do phone related stuff, but wammu can do that for my new phone.  The only other thing I use it for is games.  I have a thing for simulation and strategy type games.  My favourite games that I cannot play are simcity, age of empires, Caesar and Civ Rome.

I have just discovered a game on mint which is called freecol which is a Civilisation clone.  Transport Tycoon, though, is my all time favourite game.

I first played it as a shareware game on floppy disc, when it ran for one game year.  I loved it.  Played it on my 386 under windows 3.1 and  it was wonderful.  For my birthday my son bought me the CD (I don’t think it was even a DVD in those days of the full TTDeluxe).  I never got bored with it, so one of my first questions about the feasibility of using Linux on a machine was would it run my favourite game.  There is a version called Open TTD and  it is wonderful and has so many features that the old one didn’t have and I still never get bored with it.

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