The wedding outfit.

I went into town last Saturday to find suitable clothes to wear for Charlotte and James’ wedding.  I had no real idea what I wanted, but a vague idea that it would probably be a floaty, summery dress with a matching or co-ordinating jacket.  I had a look at the M&S website and also the BHS one.  I did see something I really liked, but the site said that it was out of stock in my size.

So I went into St Annes and parked up on the crescent where my beloved said he had seen a clothes shop with nice clothes in.  Hubby had given me what he considered enough money; I had a budget, but if I needed more I could ring him.

There are three clothes shops on the crescent so it was not obvious which one, but i soon found myself in one that did clothes in my size (and up to a 26 too, which is several sizes larger).  I asked the assistant for help – told her I was off to a wedding and needed clothes!  She instantly picked out a silver top which I wasn’t keen on, a close fitted black dress (surely not!), a large-patterned jacket which instantly appealed  and a lace cardigan that I really liked.  Surprisingly the dress was a size too big but a samller one looked really good on, esepecially when teamed with the cardigan, though it looked great with the  jacket too.  I was sold, but then thought that the dress would be too big in a few month’s time.  Disheartened, I tried on the silver top, and that was a revelation, it looked really good on.  I popped on a black skirt, but really I have three in my wardrobe at home – I cannot justify another.  So I bought the silver top and decided to take the jacket as well.

Then there was a need for shoes- preferably high heeled silver shoes – the main problem being that I cannot wear heals.  I managed to find a pair of wedge heel sandals.  They are very high and I feared that by the end of the day I would be crippled.  My mum suggested that I go to hers and borrrow her new silver handbag to complete the ensamble.  As it happened I found a silver handbag in a sale on the Sunday.