Britain Yearly Meeting – committed relationships (part 1)

I am doing this in two parts because I know that there will be more to add tomorrow.


When I heard that this issue was on the agenda, I thought I knew how I felt about it.  I was fairly clear in my own mind that I felt that same sex relationships were as valid as any opposite sex ones.  I was fairly sure that the key determining factor is the quality of the love between the partners.  I thought Quakers had got the issue right – but the law was wrong and that we couldn’t go against it, even though we should.

The thing is that I knew how I thought, but not how the Spirit led me.  I did not think that others would feel the same way, or that the Spirit would lead us as a Yearly Meeting to change.

I was wrong in thinking that Quakers had got it right – our recording of same sex commitments was not, I think we are clear now, correct or in right ordering.  We have moved so far.

I am just so blown away because I am now certain that the spirit is guiding us to do something, and I am also certain that I felt the movement in the hall.  Not as some great wind that blew us on a different course, but rather as an unseen tide or current might change the direction the ‘good ship Yearly Meeting’ is travelling.  It was a seminal moment – a real soul shaker of a moment.  Friends said that the decision had been already taken, and so it had.

A Friend from Lancaster Meeting said that she was so proud of us, of Yearly Meeting, and I can see why.

What an amazingly deep and spiritual meeting, so moving and powerful – I feel, and others clearly also feel, LED.

I am so glad that I was here to witness it, no – more than that – to be a part of it.  I am so grateful.