Cafe Neon’s not so bright future

I have the day off, ostensibly because it is my beloved’s birthday and because I wasn’t sure if we would be celebrating. These days even a minor celebration leaves me feeling distinctly groggy and not in the mood for work so it seemed a good idea.

As it is we didn’t celebrate last night. I had a Quaker Learning session yesterday (see my next Blog) and on Wednesday we had the allotment AGM. So on Tuesday we went for meal at our local Greek restaurant. Cafe Neon is a lovely little place, run by a larger than life character. The credit crunch is taking a serious hit at all the many restaurants in Lytham, and Cafe Neon is no exception. We only go on special days, we cannot afford to go as often as we would like, but I feel that we *ought* to go more often. Mine host has changed the d├ęcor, simplified it and is opening for Greek wraps at lunchtime, trying to become a cafe at lunch and a restaurant at night. I admire his tenacity but I felt so sorry for him. We were the only customers all night. He cannot keep three staff on for the whole night at that rate.

The food was, as usual, wonderful: it would be such a shame if he cannot stay open. There are more than enough Italian and Indian and Chinese restaurants in Lytham, but this is the only Greek restaurant. As we walked back we looked in several restaurants – the competition for Cafe Neon – and they were all empty too.