So, I got the new phone…

The new phone arrived but was faulty.  It is a nuisance, because I prepared for the transfer properly for once.  I logged onto Windows, which tends to end up irritating me in some way every time I do it at home.  After eventually finding the special software disk for my old phone which I had put safely in one of the four sensible places that I might have put it and  installing it, I then copied the data onto my OH’s shared drive, because I couldn’t see my own Linux drives.

Confident that my data was safe, I prised the SIM card from my old phone – no mean task I might add. A carefully inserted knife helped.

Excitedly I installed the SIM card.  It took me a while to understand the pictures on the leaflet that were supposed to explain exactly how to do this.  I carefully added the battery, and closed the case, which sprung open again.  Sure that I had done it wrong I tried again, and again.  There is clearly something wrong with the phone.

It would be fair to say that I was not pleased.

I rang the number which I am now becoming familiar with.  I spoke to someone who did not understand what I meant as I tried to explain what had happened.  The magic word ‘faulty’ did the trick, though and I got put through a series of different people and then finally got the following information.

The order is apparently not complete until the office hear from their delivery agents that the delivery has been made.  This can take up to 48 hours.  Until the order is ‘marked’ complete nothing can happen.  I cannot have a replacement sent out, or  ‘ordered’ whilst another order is in place.  I can see a sort of logic to this.  However, if I wait for 48 hours to ring them to ensure that the order is marked complete and reorder, it will be Friday and so I won’t get my phone until Monday or Tuesday.  I will try ringing late tomorrow afternoon in the hope that it will be done by then.

In the meantime there is the difficulty of removing the SIM card from the new phone.  I asked for help on this from their technical department, but their computers had gone down and so they were unable to offer much help.  OH did if for me.  So I am back with my own phone and OH still has his, though he was going to have my old hand me down.

I knew I should have stuck out for the purple phone.