Google Chrome and Linux

I really, really want to play with Google Chrome, but it isn’t available yet for Linux.  I know I could go and play in Windows, but I don’t want to set it up on there, get addicted to a new way of doing things and then have to keep rebooting my machine.

My beloved has downloaded it but it didn’t do what he wanted without configuring it.  “It ain’t Firefox”, is what he said “I am still working well with an unconfigured Firefox!”

I love Firefox, but I have it configured, I use various add ons, and will use more when those add ons catch up with Firefox 3.  I loved the add on which made each tab an icon so that all my bookmark folder fitted on the one screen (smartbookmarks).

I go back to work (if the doctor allows) on Wednesday, so I could have done with playing with it whilst I am still off.

That is supposing there is a Wednesday – assuming that we are not all subsumed in a black hole.