Lazy Sunday Afternoon (Reprise)

I don’t like doing housework – I can always find something I prefer to do.  I have a real talent for procrastination.  The thought of housework turns that talent into an art.

I have only found one thing that causes more procrastination than housework and that is revising for exams.  Fortunately I don’t have to do that anymore.

Yesterday I started cleaning the shower, which was beginning to show signs of black mould.  We used to use one of those concoctions of chemicals which advertise itself as a ‘daily shower spray’, the sort that eliminates the need for work just by spraying this chemical cocktail round the shower after you have been in it.  It worked.  The shower was instantly sparkling clean and over time mould regrowth was slowed, but I was unsure about its effect on the environment and also on the environment of my lungs.  A green solution was required and after consulting my new textbook I discovered that vinegar was the magic remedy.  I wish I could say that it was instant, but after an hour or so the shower was gleaming and smelled like a chipshop.  I am assured that the solution of vinegar in water will work to keep mould growth down.

I sprayed a different chemical around to hide the smell – apple fresh is not so nice mixed with vinegar – we now have ‘eau de cider press’.

Today’s effort was the rest of the bathroom which is now much better, and so far half of the kitchen.

One has to have a break half way through to move everything to one side in order to clean under it.  The break in the middle is a magical time.  I sit back assured that I only have half of it left and that I have made a real improvement.  When I  have had this cup of tea I will move it all over and then start on the second half; it wouldn’t do to leave it half done.  When I have looked at my emails, I will get started again.  I’ll just…


Is it that time already..?

Perhaps I will just move everything back and wash that half later.  I’m sure the rest can wait.


What I have achieved today

I am amazed with myself because

  1. I went down two flights of stairs
  2. put the tax disc in my car
  3. stood and talked with a neighbour for a few minutes before l had to lean on the wall
  4. Went back up two flights of stairs
  5. emptied the dishwasher
  6. Washed up a few non-dishwasher things
  7. washed the kitchen floor
  8. vacuumed the lounge carpet

I had to have a break  after each task of  course, but my recovery times are better and at this rate I should be on course for going back to work next Monday.  Well, I can hope!

(I also sorted through the solicitor’s letters. I haven’t done what I need with them yet)