Physioterrorism and physiopacifism

OK, so forgive the title – I am trying to be too clever by half this morning!

My colleague at work has a partner who is a physiotherapist and it was he who introduced me to the term physioterrorist, it is apparently borne of long painful ‘torture’ sessions.

Yesterday I couldn’t see the reason, today I can.  I had my first session with him yesterday in which he put me through the mill – asked me to perform all sorts of weird actions.  I felt great at the time but after a few hours I started to ache.  I now feel as if I had been kicked by several mules.

I have been given a load of exercises, all but one printed out for me.  The thought of them, yesterday was exciting – today it fills me with dread as I am already in pain. The difficult part will be getting onto the floor and then after all these exercises getting up.

Now to the spiritual part in all this.  I have often commented that my body is no temple, more like a carpet discount centre that was once a church.

However about a month, ago we had a Quaker fellowship day in which there was a ‘movement’ section, in which the woman running the session introduced a yoga-based series of movements.  Now years ago I used to go along to a yoga class with my boyfriend and his friend (reader I married him, the friend that is) but I don’t remember Yoga being so spiritual.  Suddenly, at that Quaker gathering, I saw the point of it.  I saw exercise could be part of worship.

So I have decided that in my new exercise I will try to take that mindfulness, that meditative process, that concentration on listening to God to the new exercises.

So that the physioterrorims becomes the exact opposit -physio-peacefullness.