Before I die I want to….

I imagine that everyone has a list of things to do ‘before I die’ and yesterday I achieved one of mine.

On my way to Meeting with my son (who is staying at ours for the week) we saw that there was a biker event on the Promenade.  I had planned to take my biker son to the local biker cafe at Knott End after Meeting but we decided to call in at the Prom first.

We found a rare space in a very convenient place near Waterloo Road and parked up almost across the road from the bikes.  It was a Honda promotion, they were offering rides on kiddies bikes and their ‘first licence’.

There were hundreds of bikes on show, and a demonstration of how to right a Goldwing if it should fall.  I have a soft spot for Goldwings.  There is usually a parade of illuminated Goldwings on the first Sunday of Blackpool illuminations which I like to see. I am always amazed at how quiet they are.

We walked round the bikes, admiring the paint jobs; the modifications; choosing our ideal bike or trike and generally enjoying the community feeling.  There were some lovely bikes and trikes.  There was a lovely bright red combination: the sidecar was shaped a bit like a ferrari and had the prancing horse logo too.  I saw a lovely purple bike and sidecar that I will buy with my first million.

I really would like to have a bike again, but my beloved would not be happy with the idea – far too dangerous.  Being honest, I doubt if my balance is up to it these days.  I still would love to ride though.  Ideally I want to ride a Goldwing, as I told my son, but just to sit on one would be one of my ‘before I die’ ambitions.

As we walked round we saw a gleaming Goldwing up on its stand and a poster.  One of the bikers was offering his bike for photo poses (for a donation for charity). The bike in question was a Goldwing 1800cc – and absolutely lovely (I want, I want).

Obviously I couldn’t resist the opportunity, and under instruction (I totally understand that he couldn’t risk people scratching his beautiful machine) I climbed up and sat on the amazing piece of engineering excellence.

I gushed on at the chap about how exciting it was, how this was one of my life’s ambitions, and he humoured me by allowing me to rev the engine and put the stereo on – wow, it was like being in an armchair. My son took a couple of snaps and put the donation in the bucket. Later I looked at them and saw that I look as if I, well, let’s put it this way, they look slightly pornographic!

The man, who was a lovely chap, then told me that earlier they had been offering rides. Clearly he saw my look of disappointment, so offered to take me for a short spin and so I shimmied back into the pillion sea. He climbed on and set off down the prom. Obviously he didn’t go fast, though at one point he accelerated hard so that I could feel a bit of speed. It was so exciting – all the fun of the fair, in total comfort and knowing that I was on the back of a Goldwing.

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Those who are lucky enough to ride these metal horses regularly will think it tame, but for me it was incredible. We went on to Knott End Cafe afterwards, but I felt dazed by the experience, and felt that I was part of this lovely community, just because I had ridden pillion for a few hundred yards.

Multiple explanation marks cannot tell you how happy I was!