…And the beat goes on..

Hmm, must dig that song out!

The repercussions of YMG keep on.  I had a long chat with someone from our area meeting about how YMG went.  I know her vaguely – we are not that close, but it was good to talk and compare notes and to talk about how Lancashire Meeting move to continue the good and inspiring work of YMG.

I seem to have been on the phone a lot tonight.  there is someone on the forum that I spoke to on the phone for the first time today.  Tina is a lovely person and  we chatted for a long time.  I hope we meet soon.

Then mum rang and we passed the time of day.  Three phone calls and hardly any evening left.

I am on a park and ride scheme at the hospital and I surprised our minibus driver this evening playing his guitar.  He is practising for a gig.  It reminded me of when I was in a band and I told him about Gordun Bennitt and how I missed part of the experience.  The high you get from coming off stage just cannot be bottled!  I don’t miss the lugging of equipment and setting up and tearing down.  I don’t miss the petty arguments about ‘our musical direction’ or whether someone is pulling their weight.  I don’t miss the bad rehearsals.  I do miss the cameraderie, the sharing of something special when you create; the shared looks between muscians as they work in harmony (especially literally – I love harmony!)  I felt so in tune – again literally – with the other bandmembers.  I felt confident about my singing, and my writing.  It was a good time, mostly.

I wonder how Liz, Kev, Craig and Richard are doing.

I am glad that though I am not making music these days that other people still practice and apparently want to make music because of the love of music and not just as a get rich quick scheme.