Our kitchen is being plagued by flies.  Tiny, weeny flies called fruit flies that come in with the produce from the allotment, or from outside, or breed in the drain.  They come from somewhere and send me crazy.

I try to be organic as much as possible in my growing and we buy organic veg if we can. Then we spray the whole place with flykiller!  Bizarre, isn’t it?

The only thing that these flies are not interested in is the greengages that we bought from Sainsbury’s.  It makes me wonder what they are sprayed with!

I hate flies.  I know they have their purpose in this creation but I would rather that they do their purpose a long way from me.

Co-incidentally I saw a huge spider run across our lounge floor today.  Now I like spiders – they kill flies.

We watched Carz tonight together, what a good fun film!


I have been very disappointed with the  parsnips I grew this year.  It took ages to germinate them, though I planted them at the right time according to the packet.  I put in two rows and got nothing at first. Now it is possible that I pulled the damn seedlings out thinking they were weeds, but somehow I doubt it.  I ended up, after about 5 weeks with four plants.

Later I planted another two rows and they fared worse, though to be honest since I hurt my back it it is difficult to see which are weeds and which are parsnips.  I may still have a parsnip hiding, you never know.

I spoke to them.  I loved them and I kept the weeds away from them but somehow, when they came to be harvested yesterday there were not four plants left.  Two came up full and beautiful, creamy thick and uniform.  One came up more like a ball with a string on the end.

My beloved, who is a brilliant cook, pointed out that there was not enough for a full serving, so he made a soup.

Friends, (if I may be so bold) there was never such a parsnippy tasting soup and it was worth every moment of the  care for that delicious soup.