I am a woman who defines herself mainly by her interests and her skills, so you can tell that I am not an 18 year old, pretty person looking for Mr Right.   A beauty queen is described by her beauty: her less than pretty friend will receive the epitaph that she has a nice personality, so let’s just leave it that I  a have personality, you will get my drift.

I am nearly so many things.  I am nearly 4’12”.  I am nearly 50. I am nearly ready for bi-focals.  I am nearly ready for bed.

My name is Caddi; that is based on my love of tea (weak and black).  I have never been into coffee much.

I live in the UK and while I hate nationalism (I have a dislike of far-right politics) I think I am quite English.  I haven”t seen all of my nation, and have no desire to flee the place every summer.   I live by the sea – it suits me, and if I see the sea everyday I feel uplifted.

I share my home with my husband, whose name I won’t give.  I have on rather grown up son, who lives 80 miles away and is quite like me in some ways.  We get on surprisingly well, most of the time.

My favourite place to be is my allotment, and you will find that much of this blog will be on the ups and downs of my plot (Yes, I get my kicks on plot  66).

I attend (when i am well enough) Quaker Meetings.  I have now missed two consecutive Meetings which is two too many.

I will tag the spirituality stuff, because some people find it offputting I think.

I am a member of various other forums.  I may just mention them occasionally.

I try to be a gentle person and hope that those who do respond will be gentle too.

One thought on “About

  1. Lovely Blog Caddi!

    I hope we can be friends.

    Thank you for your comment in the quaker forum.

    I agree Linux & open source is much more community friendly & have promoted it for years along with you!


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