I geeked until dark

I have just been to a barcamp!  My first one ever, and it was only up the road.

Tony Hughes had asked me if I was going.  The Blackpool LUG were doing a UBUNTU demo session.  Since this was last sunday I reckoned I wouldn’t be able to get a ticket, but I was lucky.

We turned up a little later than planned and so missed the introductions but we managed to catch most of the first sessions.  I chose an excellent, well presented talk on the future of e-book readers.  The guy was using an i-pad, but he was so inspiring that I am going to get  (No, not an ipad!) but a reader on my android.

Speaking of the android, much of my day was spent trying to make notes on it, trying to find out how to tweet from it, and finding how to access my apps.  Geeking with a new device that you don’t know is not good.  I mourned the fact that I didn’t take the netbook with me – must ensure that next time I have it running.

I learnt so much!  Hell, it was an education.  Her are some key points.

Everyone knew much more than I did (which gives me loads of scope for learning)

I didn’t need to go with anything planned, but next time I will do (and it will be ok even if it isn’t the geekiest presentation ever)

Eleven year olds can produce amazing graphics

The community is lovely, friendly and very trusting.  I think they are a great bunch.  The sense of fun was freeing.  I laughed so much!

Apple fans and Linux geeks can get on really well.

I wish I could thank everyone in person.  All the presentations I went to were worth my time and theirs.  The organisation was excellent, and the ‘customer service’ was brilliant.  As a newbie I felt included and my input was respected.  Everyone was willing to share knowledge and experience and I can’t get over how friendly it was.  Geeks of all ages were happy to talk together and share.  I came away thinking that I am part of a community, thinking that I can learn HTML and that the experience overall was excellent.


One thought on “I geeked until dark

  1. Dear Caddi,
    It was great to meet you at Tony and Frances’s wedding yesterday – sorry if I was a bit vague at first but I had completely forgotten I knew anybody from Blackpool Meeting! I also didn’t click that it was you on the Forum.
    The web pages continue to grow with 85% of meeting houses now photographed for it – only 85 more to do. Scotland is the next place later in the month.

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