It’s been a heck of a day!

I can’t say that I was overendowed with sleep last night.  I believe it was quite early this morning that I finally gav e up on the election and went to bed, and even then we had the radio on, we timed it to turn off and I never heard it stop.

When I woke I was still feeling a little groggy from the cold that I am fighting off, but I had things to do so I was disciplined.

Today was a big day partly because I went for my first pair of varifocals.  I feel as if my head is on springs, bobbing up and down because I am trying to get the hang of focussing.

I then had to finish packing for woodborooke;  I had left it until Thursday night because I felt lousy on Wednesday. Another trip down to the opticians had to be made then because my new glasses kept slipping off, but finally I set off.

I knew where I was going, so I didn’t print out a map, which was foolish because it turned out that I didn’t know where I was going at all.  I can’t blame my glasses for the fact that I ended up on the wrong motorway.  I finally arrived at woodbrooke in time for dinner, instead of afternoon tea as I had planned.

The first session started very well.  I knew one of the leaders from YMG and the other from emails.  So far we have looked at out hopes and fears for the course and found out a bit about the other small meetings.  Ours is not the smallest, and others have problems with personality clashes and the like.  Our problems seem mundane in comparison.

Inspiring epilogue with Catherine King Ambler leading (She and Rex are runnning the Experiment with light course here this weekend).

Anyway I am shattered and my eyes are very tired ( a combination of new glasses and the cold) so I am off to bed.

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