Easter Saturday

What a glorious day! I went down to the village this morning to see the bank’s customer adviser who tried to sell me various ‘products’, none of which I bought.

I wandered slowly round the market – which consists of about four stalls now – and then realised that I had overstayed my parking permit. Almost ran back to the car-park but luckily there was no warden sticking penalties on my car.

When I got back we strolled down to the beach and enjoyed the fresh sea air. I had put a load of washing in the machine, and when it had finished was just about to hang it and then realised that I had not put any wahing liquid in it, so had to restart it.

We have been wondering about letting Bo (our recently acquired cat) out, but I think we are considering keeping her as an indoor cat. The flat is large enough and she can see if not chase the birds.

I am acutely aware that Dr Who is on now, but is repeated whereas Oklahoma is on and overlaps it, so I will be watching that.

I am thinking of going to the allotment tomorrow rather than attending Meeting.

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