The sky

Last night, as the new year broke, fireworks painted themselves on a clear black velvet sky, fighting to be brighter than the moon and myriad of stars.  I was shocked by the clarity, the brilliance of it all, but by gosh it was cold!

This morning the sun streamed through the curtains fooling me into believing that it was a warm sunny day.  I was not fooled for long: I thought I might hang washing out but it was too cold.  I planned to cover myself in warm layers and go out for a walk in the bright cold sun when Beloved went to work. By the time he left and I had done all the little chores I planned to do, the sun had disappeared and I was left with a sulky grey sky.   I may go out, but I suspect I won’t now.

One of the great things about modern technology is the ability to catch up on television and, more importantly for me, radio.  It was with  deep joy that I discovered that Desert Island Discs is on I-Player, and though I thought it was just the interview, but I just listened to David Tennant’s choices and they played all his songs too.  Now I am listening to Pick of the year, what fun!

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