I am so lucky

Tonight I came home to cannelloni: home made and delicious.  We have decided to use up the ‘goodies’ in our food cupboard, the things that we should be avoiding in favour of our healthier diet.  Hence cheese and cream got used in a lovely rich white sauce and cheesy topping.  Beloved has been experimenting with cinnamon with various meats and has now got it down to a fine art – you don’t actually taste cinnamon, but a delightful spiciness that enhances the savouriness.

After being very worried about work, about the project that we are undertaking, I was pleased to see that my concerns are shared.  I was able to work on the project with few worries, and that makes me happy.  not only that I can see that my workload is possible, and I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to complete before my deadlines.  I have relaxed more tonight, but now need to get some sleep.

I ought to consider my resolutions for the coming year, but i think I would rather set myself targets.

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