I am a dragon

The first day back to work after the Christmas Holidays was never going to be easy.  Sleep hygiene is forgotten during the holidays – I was going to bed later and later and getting up later.  The jump from getting to bed at three and sliding out of bed after 10 to being up at 6 is a shock to the system.

So I planned to be in bed by 11, but naturally it was almost midnight, and sleep was not easy to find.  I woke at about three and couldn’t get back to sleep.  Everything  kept me awake: I was too hot; too thirsty; my hair touched and irritated my face; my back ached; I couldn’t get comfy; my beloved snored; he even breathed too loudly.  I was too tired to sleep.

Once the alram went of course it was different. I could sleep on a bed of nails right now.  That is why this morning I am a dragon.

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