Meeting oneself

Sunday came around far too quickly, the rest of the week got lost in the wedding.  for that reason I was not as prepared as I normally am, and suddenly realised that I had not printed out the emails I needed for Meeting.

This cut into my ‘preparing heart and mind’ time, but I could have managed if I had not lost my keys under a pile of things which we brought back from the wedding, etc.  I literally ran around the house searching desperately for the keys, and then ran to my car.  Darn it, I thought, I am going to be late.  In my haste I left the milk so called in and bought a pint.

I drove by the quickest route and got there just a little late, but there was no-one there – the Meeting House was shut.  There was no way of knowing if we had visitors who had given up on us, or not.  I sat quietly for about 20 minutes but then I am afraid I left.  I am ashamed to say that I cannot keep Meeting for an hour on my own.

It was when I got home and checked my landline phone that I found that a message had been left on my phone, presumably to tell me that I would be opening up.

Oh, darn it to heck.

(kicks self hard)

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