Goodbye to a Friend

I never heard him say a bad word about anyone.

He was very witty, he had a very dry sense of humour and I often wondered if he meant to be funny, but then I would look at him and see the twinkle in his eyes.  He made me laugh almost every time we met.

He was charismatic.

His positivity was amazing.

He used to read passages from the Bible, and then explain what they meant.  I was inspired by this.  He had a way of making the Bible seem very relevant to me, in a way that few others have done.  I wonder who will do that for us now.

He was dapper – his colour co-ordination was amazing.  I never saw the famous canary yellow suit, but I have heard tales of it.

He was a traveller, forever jetting off somewhere.

He was very private, but fascinating if he ever let anything slip.

I didn’t know how old he was, I was surprised to find out he was 89.  I thought he would go on forever and the accident was a real shock.

He came to Meeting once without his car – it had been stolen.  Some time later it was found, where he had parked it and forgotten.  He laughed the incident off.  It was my first indication that things were getting difficult for him.  There were other signs; getting lost, forgetfulness, but he was still razor-sharp in other ways.

I am going to miss him, we all will.  I will continue to hold his nearest and dearest in the Light.

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