Work/life balance

Those not involved in the NHS will probably not know that this week is the week that doctors in training all change round.  This year has been particularly busy for us in our training department since *someone* didn’t tell *someone else* that there was an extra cohort due to be trained in how to use our computer system.  That and the fact that fully half our training team (four of the eight) are off  due to pregnancy, annual leave, sabbatical or moving to another job meant that I was home late (yesterday). 

I do love my job, I really do, but I also enjoy my home life.  I was hoping to go to the allotment but I drove up to my house just before eight so it was too late. 

After such a restorative Yearly Meeting gathering I felt really dropped in it.   But, determined to carry the lessons of YMG and the good peaceful feelings I had enjoyed, I was very careful about how I interacted with a  certain colleague.   My interactions with her always seem to be spiky – she is a lovely person but she takes a very defensive stance whenever we talk, as I suspect do I.  this is probably because we take our jobs and our roles seriously.  I cannot just blame her for the difficulty,  I think we are both to blame.  Yesterday I lifted the phone, painted a huge smile on my lips and tried to be as chirpy and kind as possible, and I think she did the same (after a major fall out a few weeks ago we were both keen not to repeat).  I was really pleased that we parted on better terms than usual.


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