Britain Yearly Meeting Gathering – the prep starts now

I am off to Britain Yearly Meeting Gathering (YMG) in York on Saturday.  It is a week-long gathering of Quakers in Britain to discuss spiritual matters and the running of our ‘church’.

The preparation actually started, mentally, last night.  I realised that this time next week I will be there, which gave me quite a start.  It has come around so quickly.  I decided that this week- in the next three days in fact – I will have to get myself ready.

Thursday is my reading and packing day, Friday is the travelling day but I will also be stopping off at my son’s house and having ‘high tea’ at a shop specialising in Yorkshire high teas.

This morning I went to MfW (Meeting for Worship), collecting Anne on the way.  Anne ministered about how the Meeting will be holding Gatherers in the Light whilst we are away, and I remembered that I have a serious duty to do in attending YMG.  Meeting felt deep and loving and calm this morning and I felt refreshed spiritually.

I have started to sort out my YMG calendar by adding my first meeting to my phone calendar and setting a reminder.  I am not sure when the forum are meeting or what else I will be doing, but I am not intending to get my documents in advance out to read through until Thursday so that can wait.

It occurs to me that I need to sort out clothes both to pack and to go away in.  Oh heck!

I have been taking part in an on-line discussion on the subject of committed relationships, and that is helping me to get my head round the arguments.  One of the problems of the forum is that it is so different from the Quaker Business method, in that we state our opinions on the forum and then consider the views of others.  I am not sure discernment is even present.

2 thoughts on “Britain Yearly Meeting Gathering – the prep starts now

  1. You’ve hit the nail on the head in that final paragraph. I think that is one of the reasons I have been staying away over the past few months.

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