Fiddling while dinner burns

I am cooking, as I write, a pork casserole.  The recipe comes from the ‘eat-right’ site, but I have modified it a touch to meet our tastes. Whilst it was in the oven I thought I would play with my website, so it now includes my flikr site and a different header.  I don’t like the black on white text though.  I prefer black on a cream or tinted background.  That is the reason for typing in bold, just to see how it works.

I didn’t go to meeting. I felt horrid today: achy and tetchy, on the verge of tears for some reason (perhaps hormones). I slept badly because my back was hurting. I tend to notice *after* I have sat badly for hours, rather than it giving me notice beforehand. I took a couple of painkillers and later felt a bit better, though my back still aches.

I decided I needed to do something to change how I felt so I coloured my hair.

I am not particularly successful in the colouring – it is always a hit and miss affair. Last time I tried to do it a reddish colour and it came out like dark chocolate – though it was rather nice. Once I tried to do it a nice golden colour and it went orange. This time I tried to do a dark red and it has gone rather purplish, but a little streaky. Of course it will be assumed that I wanted highlights so it will not be too bad. It has hidden the grey which makes my dark blonde seem very mousy and dull, and now it looks vibrant and glossy if a little darker than I expected.

I wish I wasn’t so vain but I have little enough going for me at the moment and I have some un-Quakerly pride in my hair. I am dismayed that at 50 I suddenly seem invisible.

I am pleased to say that the bathroom does NOT look like there has been a massacre in there.

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