The big birthday

Today I am fifty.  I don’t think I ever expected to see it, but here is the big day.  It feels far more important to me than my fortieth.

My beloved took me shopping to buy the thing I wanted – I wanted an opal, or some opals.  I am now wearing a beautiful opal bracelet, and it is so pretty.  I am immensely happy with it.

I have had flowers, presents, cards, many texts and emails and am feeling loved and happy.

I have just eaten a delicious prawn cocktail, washed down with a glass of chateu neuf de pape.  I had the option of going for a meal out but when your partner is such an excellent cook it seems a waste.  We bought a bottle of Armagnac too, so we are looking forward to a lovely evening.

The only blots on the landscape are that my Beloved has an aching neck and I have toothache – except it isn’t in my tooth, I would say that it is in my gum, or my jaw or my ear, I cannot locate it but it hurts.

When I was a child, of course, fifty seemed to be ancient, but now it seems that I am middle aged.  I suppose I had better pull my socks up and grow up, but I am always slow at what I should do.  Procrastinate now would be my adage.

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